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Bracco Italiano wins Best in Show at World Show 2006 in Poland

Best in Show at the very busy World Dog Show in Poznan Poland last weekend was the popular Bracco Italiano AXEL del Monte Alago, handled by Britta Ahrens and owned by Snr Tripoli from Italy writes Vince Hogan.On the left in second place, the Newfoundland, which had won this years European Show in Helsinki, the Hungarian owned EMPERIOR KING OF HELLULAND Skipper’s, owned by B Siklosi ,and handled once more by Gabor, and in third place, the superb Maltese BEACH GIRL FUNNY LADIES, owned by Nanta Tansacha from Thailand.

Making the presentation was Mr. Andrzej Mania President of Polish Kennel Club, pictured here with the BIS judge Mr. Zygmunt Jakubowski. Also pictured on the right are Mr. Hans Muller President of the FCI and Stefan Stefik, the FCI observer at the event. Four days of hectic showing was witnessed by more than 75,000 visitors who came in droves to the International Fair grounds despite cool weather.

During the show, Eukanuba and the FCI signed a new partnership agreement which will be featured in next weeks issue along with additional material from the show.